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Thank you for your interest in becoming a judge for the World Junior BBQ League! We are so excited to get started with our first contests. We have a few different options for becoming a WJBL judge. Please see the information below.

-We do not have any judging classes scheduled at this time, so to become a judge for the WJBL, you do have to be a judge for another sanctioning body (for example, MIM, MBN, KCBS, SCA, etc.)

-Whichever level of membership you choose, you will receive a tax deduction letter for the amount of your membership.

-We have 3 different levels of membership:

-Basic Membership: $50 per year
- Founding Membership: $250 for 5 years, and you will receive a limited edition silver badge!
-Lifetime Founding Membership: $500, does not expire, and you will    receive a  limited edition gold badge!

Please fill out the form below, and we will ship you your badge and tax deduction letter!

**If you have already signed up AND received your badge or an email, and you would like to sign up for a specific contest, click here
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