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frequently asked questions

Q: How many members can be on a team?

A: Each team can have a maximum of 5 high schoolers. However, there is no minimum for team members. It would be difficult for one person to turn in all 4 entries, but definitely not impossible.
Q: Do the team members have to be in High School to compete?

A: A team member has to either be between the ages of 14 and 18, OR be in high school or the equivalent (if homeschooled).
Q: What happens if a member does not have a team? 

A: If a member would like to be a part of a team but does not know anyone else in the league, they can make a post in the Facebook group made for the team members (and admins). The group is called World Junior BBQ League Team Members, (if you click on the link it will take you directly to the group) and only the high schoolers who have turned in their membership application can join. No one outside of the organization can join so that it is a safe environment.
Q: Do you have to be a member of the WJBL in order to compete in a contest?

A: Yes. You can sign up to become a member here.
Q: Is the judging for the contest blind or on-site presentations?

A: All judging for the WJBL is blind. No on-site presentations will be given.
Q: Are adults allowed to come to supervise the students?

A: No adults who are affiliated with a team are allowed in the cooking arena. Only volunteers and WJBL-designated mentors are allowed in the area to supervise for safety purposes. Parents and guardians of the competitors are allowed to come, but will not be admitted into the cooking arena.
Q: Will garnish be allowed in the turn-in box?

A: No. No garnish is permitted in the blind box entry. Any garnish will result in disqualification from that category.
Q: What are the judging criteria?

A: The judging criteria are Tenderness of the Entry, Flavor of the Entry, Appearance of the Entry, and Overall Impression.
Q: How do I sign up to judge? Is there class that I have to attend?

A: You can become a judge by filling out a form here. We do not have any judging classes now, but we hope to have classes in the future. You must be a certified judge in another competition bbq sanctioning body (for example, KCBS, MBN, MIM, SCA,  etc) to be a judge for the WJBL.
Q: How do I sponsor or donate to your organization? 

A: You can donate here.
If you would like to sponsor our organization, you can view our sponsorship levels here or email
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